There is much lamentation in our culture regarding the dearth of common sense. Common sense is commonly conflated with logic, hence why our culture regularly jokes that woman’s ‘unpredictability’ makes her susceptible to lapses in common sense. Yet, taking a wider view of things, it’s easy to see that in fact it is the world of men, which controls the levers of power in all of our institutions, which consistently acts with a disconcerting and dangerous lack of common sense – while hamstrung by the difficulty in seeing past the unfeeling logic, which is only one component of common sense. Actually, sense only becomes ‘common’ when the right-brain gets involved. In our ultra-left-brained cultures, the right-brain, which more so houses the conscience, empathy and feelings, has been relegated to sideshow status. Hence, the debilitating excesses that are threatening our very survival as a species.


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