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Month: January 2017

Many people, especially in the working class demographic, have had enough. There is a sense of futility. Manufacturing has been decimated in their countries. Opportunities are few and far between. The American Dream is apt because it has been nothing more than a fantasy for decades. So, damn right they are upset. When things are this out of whack it eventually becomes obvious, even to the peasants. When things are this off-kilter, how can we expect anything other than the startling shenanigans of Donald Trump? We are only shocked because we are the fish in the sea not recognizing that Mr. Trump is the canary in the coalmine. Actually, with his election, he’s transformed into an Albatross. While the mainstream establishment, and millions of ordinary people, seek at every turn to present him as the fool – which is rather easy to do – they are poking the beast and missing the point: Donald Trump, dangerous as he may be, is not an aberration. He is the logical culmination of an ultra-patriarchal, unfeeling system run amok.

One of the deeply-rooted aspects of such a hyper-rational system is the absence of accurate and meaningful self-reflection. To not recognize how and why we are here is to dabble in the very same unconsciousness that is so easy to ascribe to President Trump and his supports – which will only exacerbate the situation.

Without the balancing effects of the feminine energy, our ultra-rational system has no shut off valve. Hence why it is running itself into the ground; shooting itself in the foot; causing the people, from all sides of the spectrum, to rise up. Many of us are wondering what on earth is going on. Others are crying out for help. Brexit and Trump are part and parcel of an increasingly audible SOS. Will there be some economic and cultural adjustments that will emerge from the ever-expanding uncertainty? Will we need more of a wake-up call?