Safeguarding Revelation

Safeguarding Revelation

Personal evolution, including the dissolving of old blockages, generates excitement and hope, connecting us to who we are.

However, it’s good to be careful when sharing these fresh and fragile revelations with others, especially those who ‘know’ us; and who likely still reside in the place you suddenly no longer inhabit.

Seldom will you be understood or believed. It’s the rare person close to us who can bypass their own deep-seated biases and opinions of us in order to hear our truth – and vice versa.

And that’s okay since we can plainly see from our own lives that outer truth only becomes inner truth when it comes from within. When ego comes into contact with deep truths too early, especially from the outside, the immediate reaction will invariably and unconsciously be to reject it; to protect our unready hearts.

It’s understandable and beautiful that we want to share our elation with the world. But it behooves us to respect and safeguard our newly forged and tenuous connections with our hearts. It will take a while for us to integrate these new energies. Until then, if we are careless, we will allow others to unwittingly influence what they don’t see and feel; which may result in us undermining and abandoning that glorious spark from within that helps make sense of our existence; that connects us to peace and joy.

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