“It’s not who I am”

“It’s not who I am”

How many of us, including those who are public figures, behave badly but then claim that it was ‘out of character’. “It’s not who I am”.

Personal, generational and cultural trauma has forced so many of us to build a wall of protection that we are deathly afraid of the self-reflection required to understand that the most sure-fire way of knowing who we are is to see how we act under duress. Those are the moments where we reveal to ourselves and others exactly where we are in our development; our level of consciousness.

When we embrace the courage necessary to dig below the automatic denials of responsibility – the deflections – we understand that when people show you who they are believe them. Believe your own actions and reactions. They are the truth.

Be aware of how quickly the ego turns its focus to the explanation – to the excuses – that follow. That is the place to look. That is the opportunity for growth. And most importantly, be compassionate with yourself in this process.

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