“Do you remember as a child being told that if you wanted to make it in life you would have to work hard? That life involved pain and struggle, that you would have to earn love and acceptance and that you would have to put in an incredible effort just to come out on top? I certainly remember my mother saying to me, ‘Struggle ennobles the soul.’

Yet who says this is true? Look at nature. It expends a certain effort in sustaining itself but it does not struggle. Does the tiger get up in the morning and say, ‘I’ll struggle like crazy today and hopefully by supper time I’ll get something to eat’? No way. It just rises, has a little sniff under its tiger armpits and does whatever tigers do at breakfast time and heads out. At noon there on the path is lunch, provided courtesy of the Great Spirit. OK, the last thirty yards involves the tiger in a bit of rushing about. But that can hardly be construed as struggle. There is a great difference between struggle and effort. Our physical condition is effort laced with emotion and desperation.” Stuart Wilde

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