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  1. Good one! I’ll try to have enough presence of mind to try it, next time I’m tested! Bard, are you based in the UK?
    And, am trying to build a case based on empathy, and thus ethics, to discuss with someone close to a US Senator — of course, in the hope of instantly changing US politics!!!

      1. Thanks, Bard. I’m trying to incorporate Iain McGilchrist’s Divided Brain and other stuff into a case for a serious new level of appreciation for women and the good, soft, strong men who aren’t scared of the feminine — in themselves as well as in we women. This current patriarchal dominance that’s running amok in this country — the US — is so lethal, and for those of us environmental advocates of many decades — hearts are breaking. I’ll keep you posted if I may? Many thanks

  2. actually, some fellow countrymen of yours, well, Canadians have put together a documentary on Iain’s work which might interest you?
    The Divided Brain if you google it

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