When things go bad…

When things go bad…

In those moments when things go bad, really bad, does your mind quickly reach for the worst case scenario? A sense of abandonment, betrayal, rage, injustice, futility, utter loneliness.

That is a sign of significant past trauma, likely normalized. It is an indication that those who damaged you, or stood by while it happened, have been unable to acknowledge their roles in your suffering.

It is a sign that, understandably, you have been unable in your adult life to reconcile the neglect or abuse.

The way forward is a kind of catch 22. It requires the recognition that those who hurt you didn’t do so purposely. Invariably, they were the actions of damaged, unconscious people who did the best they could while trying to make heads and tails of their own lives. In short, our own healing necessitates forgiving others because, despite what you may believe, they knew not what they did. However twisted their actions, they somehow managed to genuinely, rationally, justify their actions in some way. Because, if we truly felt the pain we inflict on others we wouldn’t be able to do it; it would be too devastating to our own hearts; if we actually allowed ourselves to feel it.

It is this understanding that opens the door to next level healing; that lays the groundwork for arriving at that seemingly faraway place where when someone hurts you, and when you hurt yourself, that you no longer end up touching into the abyss.

From this place, peace and contentment is possible.

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2 thoughts on “When things go bad…

  1. I have carried experiences from a young age that were damaging, that caused me to feel the need/desire to treat others badly, before I realized what I was doing and why. In more recent years I reach back to that young girl, before loss of innocence, and encourage her to join me now, at a time when I can protect her. It seems to be working. Thanks for sharing your point of view/experience.

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