Why Do We Murder the Beautiful Friendship of Boys?

Why Do We Murder the Beautiful Friendship of Boys?

From the excellent article, Why Do We Murder the Beautiful Friendships of Boys?: “no one would have thought to ask boys what is happening in their closest friendships because we assumed we already knew. In fact, when it comes to what is happening emotionally with boys or men, we confuse what we expect of them with what they actually feel. And given enough time, they do so as well. This surprisingly simple line of inquiry, once engaged, can open a Pandora’s box of self-reflection for men.”

Opening a Pandora’s Box‘ is an interesting phrase, especially when you know that Zeus created Pandora, the first female woman, in order to punish human males who were living lives of luxury until woman came along and ruined everything. Between Greek mythology and the Old Testament (which throws Eve under the bus) , misogyny was taken to the next level and formed the foundations of western culture – and over the millennia subjugated men to lives devoid of the feminine and feeling.

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2 thoughts on “Why Do We Murder the Beautiful Friendship of Boys?

  1. Thanks for sharing this article, Bard. I noticed it as I glanced through a recent Medium email and thought to read it but chose others. Having now read it, I hope that it is read widely as it deals with such a vital stage in the lives of our boys and men. I feel relieved that I encouraged my sons male friendships and that they had a good role model in their father who had a wide range of close male friends. Sometimes, we do the right thing!

    1. It seems to have a struck a bit of a chord with my audience as well – which is both wonderful and revealing. How wonderful that your sons had their father – he is in the minority for sure. Fortunately, as I work through my issues, my daughter is increasingly getting the father I always intellectually intended on being but was emotionally incapable. My wife and I are having increasing moments of celebrating our better parenting – being better humans – and that’s thrilling!

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