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  1. Bard — I’m on a soapbox about this issue of ethics — completely lacking in practice or conversation here in the US as far as I can see, so here’s one of my rants tapping into the Google/gender dismissal of the guy who wrote the letter:
    I said:
    For all of its brilliance, and all of our eager utilization of science and technology, it is what’s accelerating the unstoppable ‘progress’ and endless ‘growth’ jeopardizing the natural-systems and elements upon which our existence depends.

    So how come, men like James Damor (just fired by Google) balk at their women colleagues having problematic “preferences and abilities” and weak “tech and leadership” skills without acknowledging the value of women’s — yes, biologically and neurologically different — strengths and qualities?

    What will it take for us to stop elevating linear masculinized left-brain leanings above what women are more physiologically and innately pre-disposed to be — ie, related and empathic. Considering, it is empathy that gives rise to ethics, perhaps those preferences and abilities are what could help save humanity from itself?

    1. Hi Jude. How’s this for a late response!? You’re absolutely right of course. The issue is that there is no current framework for integrating and appreciating the feminine dynamic, which doesn’t fit within the millennia-entrenched masculine structures. Furthermore, the ultra-masculine approach is so deeply default that most women are also steeped in it, divorced from their own divine feminine. Hence, we have talented and powerful women working hard to make it within these traditional masculine structures. Alas, once they reach the higher echelons they are little different than men. Think of Secretary of State Madeline Albright who when interviewed and asked if the deaths of upwards of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it responded yes. It’s incredible what these women have had to endure to ‘make it’ – also, it invariably involves selling their souls. Of course, it’s only 30 0r 40 years since women’s rights and the feminine energy have started to come to the fore – after the millennia of subjugation. So, there should be no judgment placed on women who succeed within these structures for this is a process. It’s all about the long game. I believe that as time goes on the feminine will continue to be unearthed and valued – and a tipping point will be realized eventually. What will happen when millions of women around the world, steeped in their own divine feminine, hit the streets and say enough? That’s when things will shift. I think women will be at the forefront of the shift in consciousness – and move towards the re-imagining of the the relationship between feminine and masculine.

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