Effect Change

Effect Change

Fighting unconsciousness only begets unconsciousness. Unconsciousness is transmuted by compassion and non-judgment, as long as we proceed with the understanding that unconsciousness is not purposeful. It is not evil. It is just massively confused, which leads to fear and lashing out.

Fortunately, the cliche that ‘love conquers all’ is true. When we lead boldly with the heart, and learn to flow through the resistance that comes back our way, and still exude the gentle confidence that comes with being heart-centered… Well, if you haven’t tried this, consider giving it a go. Treat it like an empathetic game. Give your full attention to the recipient of the accompaniment you are offering. Hold them in their place of uncertainty, the unnerving place that is stoking their deep feelings of trauma, betrayal, neglect. Without a word show them that you feel where they are at and everything is okay. Notice their response. It might be subtle. It might be obvious.

It is the change that comes when we cease to be slaves to our generational and life-long patterns. When we become conscious of those deeeeep-seated patterns, we are free to choose to be the loving souls we desperately want to be. When we give the fruits of this revelatory way of being to others, especially those who expect the ‘business as usual’ from you… Well, that can effect serious change.

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  1. Thank you very much for these reflections. I guess we can also remind ourselves of the large role that imagination plays in being able to show empathy towards others – the imagination to understand their position and something of their experience, to sense what may be holding them back and what might help them.

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