Oh to be a woman in this world…

Oh to be a woman in this world…

Oh to be a woman in this world… Men have dropped the ball so unfathomably for so long but doesn’t it hurt as much when women are so cruel and dismissive to each other? After 4000 years of extreme patriarchy, brothers not taking care of sisters has been a horrendous given, with catastrophic consequences including the subjugation and crushing of the feminine in both genders. History, and our current societies, sadly showcase what the absence of the divine feminine in men has produced. What is less obvious, but as important, are the results of the subjugation of the feminine within women.

It seems unlikely that men, in general, will lead the charge in fostering the evolution of humanity. So, there is a massive opportunity for women to take leadership positions, to steer humanity in a more empathetic and conscious direction. That requires sisters to take care of sisters, to embrace the beauty and power of the divine feminine, to not fall prey to the unconscious allures of ultra-masculinity masquerading as feminine power.

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