Parking Follies

Parking Follies

Guys Get Revenge On Man Who Parked Over Two Spaces

Friends, I keep seeing comments online about bad parking jobs (see link above). How stupid and thoughtless can people be we think to ourselves, judging people out of hand. To compound this judgment we then condone and celebrate immature and childish behavior in retaliation.

Here’s the issue: we have no idea what the lay of the land was before that car arrived and parked. Might they have just parked carelessly? Sure. But remember those times you have gone to park your car and have had no choice but to park over lines because of how the cars around you have parked. Now imagine those two cars leaving while you are shopping. Visualize what your car looks like now that it’s isolated. Now you’re one of these alleged fools, worthy to have a shopping cart twist-tied to your door handle (which I saw the other day).

If you haven’t read The Four Agreements, check it out. One of the agreements is ‘don’t make assumptions’. We are so quick to assume and condemn in our world while we are in possession of limited information.

Why do we so often automatically assume the worst about people? No assumptions required to answer that question because that’s how we feel about ourselves. Constantly denigrating ourselves and others.

Enough of this petty way of living. It stokes the ego for a few moments but only ends up reinforcing the worst in us in the long term.

Let’s try assuming the best in others and ourselves. Assuming okay in this instance!

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