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Author: Bard Azima

Photography, Film-maker, Writer & Boarding School Survivor
Curate, For Your Sake, For All Our Sakes

Curate, For Your Sake, For All Our Sakes

Actively curate most of what you absorb, from media and relationships. Set boundaries.

Otherwise, you’re taking on a staggering amount of violence that has become normalized – giving the impression that it’s inevitable when actually it’s a choice. A choice between gussied-up futility and a place of authenticity, compassion and peace.

Despite what the naysayers say, the naive are not those who believe in choice but those who have given in, have been taken over, fatalistically bamboozled, by the violent veneer. Still, even they can be resuscitated by a single moment of inspiration and courage that reconnects them to their essence.

And despite how gloomy things can appear, multitudes of naysayers are by the day embracing choice. Not all need to see or believe this. Eventually, it’ll be an easy and welcoming bandwagon to jump on to.

In the meantime, curate, for your sake. For all our sakes.

Misguided Hate

Misguided Hate

Saw this on Facebook today… Consider not hating anything, including small talk. Hating anything means hating ourselves. It means resistance to life. Many of us need to engage with small talk to feel safe, to build a bridge that may, just may, result in me entrusting you with my heart.

Sometimes, we may not get there. Small talk may be the best we can do. And that’s okay. If it never goes any deeper, rest assured, there are good reasons for that. Besides, there is much to glean and appreciate between the lines of the small talk – hard to see and feel when all we’re concerned with is what we like, expect, want and need.