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Author: Bard Azima

Photography, Film-maker, Writer & Boarding School Survivor
Our Indigenous sisters and brothers are coming to the fore

Our Indigenous sisters and brothers are coming to the fore

Our Indigenous sisters and brothers are coming to the fore. They are most welcome. Their deep knowledge and experience is welcome and needed.

Their journey is one of unfathomable suffering. And yet, here they come. Why? Because in some Indigenous traditions it is prophesized that they will rise again and help lead humanity to our next level of consciousness. What a harrowing trip it has been to not only get here – to survive – but now to muster the energy to fulfil their destinies, which will necessarily mean healing for humanity. Godspeed to Indigenous people all over the world on your path and may the rest of us do our utmost to welcome them back. Because that’s just right and obvious – and because it augurs the next age of our collective experience.

True Acceptance

True Acceptance

Truly accept… It is a monumental thing when you hit that moment when you let go of what you’re holding against your father, mother, spouse, child, the world. This has happened quite recently for me on some fundamental fronts. I’ve worked hard, hard on me, hard on everyone and everything – for almost 30 years. But lo and behold, and mercifully, the clouds have parted. Clear skies are right there in the offing, still flanked by some clouds but beckoning to me. I’m in the process of RSVP’ing double time.

Interestingly for me, despite my deep anger, I have been blessed with an optimism and an idealism – and a certain awareness and appreciation of those delightful and heart-saving experiences, maybe few and far between, but they’re there aren’t they? Beacons of a life that can be quite nice at the least, and, at best, maybe even tangibly free.

These precious moments, which I encourage you to mine as ways of increasing your heart connection, have likely saved me from harming myself and others even more. This I’m grateful for because I do so love humanity. Now, and by the day, I’m showing that more, which is fun and irresistible.

The thing is, I consider myself as having been in the upper echelons of people difficult to deal with. I’ve been a serious handful – no doubt for good reasons. And I can still go to that place, however briefly. So much confusion, frustration, unconsciousness.

The other thing is, I am so many of you. We all find ourselves somewhere on the trauma continuum – and act out accordingly.

In short, most of us can heal in a notable way. Healing is real. It doesn’t matter that so many might not believe that. It only matters what you believe and choose. We are a completely alone in this decision for how we are going to experience the rest of our lives. And whatever we choose, we choose. And that’s that.

I love you all, including some of you who regularly like and share my posts. This community, my engagement with you, has played a notable role in my ever-increasing peace and joy. I super appreciate and thank you.

Peace and love sisters and brothers.


This Is Who You Are

This Is Who You Are

When you look into my adorable nephew’s eyes, isn’t it obvious that we are lovely beings? Despite how we’ve been tainted and traumatized, underneath it all, this is who we all are. This is who you are. If you don’t believe this or can’t find a way of connecting to this deep truth, life will forever be a tragic battleground.